Smart Dashboard Roadmap 2021

Explore the improvements Smart Dashboard aims to accomplish during the year 2021.


Addition of data sources

Vertica, Oracle Essbase, Cassandra, Firebird, Pinterest, Instagram, and Zoom.

Continued addition of new widgets 

New widgets will be added. Planned widgets include Dropdown Tree, Date Group, and more.

REST API improvements

Customer feedback-driven improvements to the REST API offered for configuration and provisioning.

ODBC support on Linux

Complete support for ODBC data sources when deploying on Linux.

Advanced mapping support

Add support for features such as the use of custom geoJSON.

Improve themes support

Add support for additional themes. Improve support for integration of themes when embedding.

Mobile application improvements

Improve mobile application user interface. Improve performance and ease of deployment.

Data exploration interface

Add support for a complete drag-and-drop interface for general data exploration and review.

Web API connector enhancements

Add support for different authentication types in addition to OAuth, Open ID and JWT token authentication.

Improve Python and R integration

Better integration with Python and R for machine learning and data migration use cases.

Integrate application monitoring

Add support for advanced pre-emptive monitoring of Smart Dashboard clusters.

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